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Smart Phone Repair | 4G Communications

Has your smartphone seen better days? Can you barely use it because the damage is so bad? Is the screen so damaged that you can't...

iPhone Repair | 4G Communications

Has your iPhone seen better days? Do you need an iPhone repair service you can trust? Do you live in Weslaco, Texas? Then you're in luck!

Prepaid Phone Service | 4G Communications

Are you tired of paying a huge amount of money every month to your cell phone company? Do you want to change to a cheaper option?

4G Communications offers speedy and professional smart phone repair services to all residents of Weslaco, Texas. Contact us today to find out more about how we can make your broken phone like new again!

Welcome To 4G Communications

Repairing Phones All Over

Welcome to 4G Communications, where our motto is, "You break it, we fix it!" So, if you've dropped your phone, or you’ve thrown it across the room, or the dog got a hold of it, or any of the other hundred surprises that life can throw at you, then you need to come to us. We're experts at fixing any damage your phone might have. Once you bring your phone to us, whether it’s an iPhone or any other kind of smartphone, you'll get it back as good as new.

We're more than a phone repair company, though. We offer a multitude of other services, such as:

• Unlimited phone plans
• Page-plus-cellular authorized
• Simple mobile dealer
• Ultra mobile dealer
• H20 Wireless
• T-Mobile dealer
• Cell phone unlocking
• Jailbreaking
• Flash
• Buying, selling, and trading cell phones and smart phones
• Bill payment center

Our staff is great at fixing all kinds of physical damage done to phones. Also, there's no need to worry that you'll be without your phone for too long. We at 4G Communications are as fast as we are professional. You'll get your phone back in no time flat; and, if you're worried that the repair bill might be too high, call and get your free estimate today! We know that you'll be pleasantly surprised by how low our prices are.

If any of these wonderful services sound like something you might be interested in, give us a call today! We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.